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Despite what you may have heard, the casual dating scene is not some huge meat market. The ugliness of that portrayal comes from a lack of understanding as to why people prefer casual encounters over serious long term monogamous relationships in the first place. Even those in committed relationships like to have sexual relationships outside of their committed relationship with their partner’s full knowledge and consent. There are all kinds of people out there and they all like to express their sexuality differently. Social morals may have something nasty to say about that, but the truth is these folks are hurting no one and they should not be viewed in a negative light simply because they are expressing their sexuality in a way others don’t like.

Increasing your chances of finding a sex partner

Clubs and bars are the first place that pops into anyone’s mind when they think of no strings attached sex. Here’s the problem with that. Most women, like men, travel in packs. They’re there with their friends and a larger social group. If you walk up to them and start chatting them up they may or may not respond well but your chances of actually taking the girl home that night are diminished. Why? Because they don’t know you and it’s not safe. It’s much safer for them to casually date within their own social group than it to go home with random guy they just met. Some girls will do that, trusting their own instincts that you’re not a sexual predator, but on a long enough time scale, all women will have had a bad encounter with a guy. That’s just a sad fact of being a woman in today’s world. The world is much larger than it has ever been before. We have access to way more people. Instead of everybody knows everybody we have nobody knows anybody. Women have to be much more careful because without the social bond of a group, men who might have bad designs on them don’t have any social consequences for their actions.

So the bar scene is tough nowadays. More and more, women who are interested in casual flings are using internet services and casual dating options online to fulfill the same need that in years past was filled by bars or clubs. Why? Because it’s easier to screen potential dates and if there is a problem they can take precautions beforehand to ensure they have a way to contact someone. For instance, a safe girl technique might be to check in with a trusted friend at a prearranged time in order to make sure everything is going well. If the friend doesn’t hear from them, they check in with the safe girl and if they don’t get a response, they alert the authorities. Very smart, very safe. Also, dating sites track IPs and whatnot which makes it less likely that a sexual predator would use the casual encounter site naively to hurt women.

Where to find casual sex online

One thing you want to avoid: free classified ads. They are likely some sort of phishing scam or trojan by email injection as they present all the same aforementioned problems of safety for women that randomly hooking up at a bar does. Craigslist or other such free and anonymous personal ads online are basically the worst way to try to hook up with women. They are literally always some kind of scams trying to rook you into some nonsense plot to take your money. Under no circumstances should you ever give anyone your money for sex dating over craigslist. There are legit sites out there that can get you laid.

There are a number of really good no strings attached sex dating sites online for you to choose from. The majority of these are paid services which have monthly fees which is actually not a bad thing. It keeps away idiots who spam every girl on the site’s email with obnoxious drivel. There are some scams out there but if you check out this site you can minimize your risk of running into one. Casual dating options are plentiful but there are definitely better sites out there to find casual encounters. The Dating-Crew site will help you navigate your choices and show you which sites are best for finding casual encounters online.

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Once you’re there though, it’s all up to you. If you’re interested in reading up on techniques, you can check out my thoughts on the subject here: 5 ways to increase your chances of getting laid online.