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It’s not as hard as you think

No one has to tell you that being a man in today’s go-go-go dating world isn’t easy. It seems that more and more guys are opting to enhance their dating lives by visiting as many affair websites as they can and creating a mostly exaggerated online profile that may or may not end up getting them some sort of date. But relationships of any importance generally take time to develop. First, you have to get up the courage to smile and make eye contact with someone. Not too little or she’ll barely notice you, but stare too much and she’ll likely hit you with some unflattering names – or maybe even call the cops. And then where will you be? Home again for another weekend of online gaming while all your mates are out having a time and texting you snap after snap of every one of their conquests. Been there too many times, right? Well, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

confidence with women
Confidence with Women

All About Relationships

You’ve probably heard it said that it’s all about being confident. It’s no secret that women are immediately attracted to the Alpha males in our society and the main reason isn’t all about their looks – though, of course, that never hurts. In survey after survey, when women are asked what they find attractive in a man, it’s almost always about whether or not the men exhibit a high level of confidence. Now, not everyone is naturally confident – that would be too easy. For a multitude of reasons, ranging from the way many of us are raised to past relationships that damaged the way we see ourselves, finding confidence is something most of us have to work at. But don’t lose hope – it’s all about working on your strengths and not dwelling on what may or may not be your weaknesses. We are all our own worst critics and believe it or not, even the people you look up to as being uber-confident were not always that way. Even if you’re not the sort of person who feels comfortable dealing with people on affair websites, you can still work on your confidence in other ways.

Score With Confidence

booty call girl
Find a booty call

Ways to get your confidence back can be as simple as talking to someone in a bookstore who’s looking at the same sorts of titles that you’re interested in. The chances are fairly good that you can find a few things to chat about, knowing that you’re likely both interested in the same book areas. Or just going to the market and chatting up someone who seems friendly can do a lot to get your confidence back. Whether it’s a customer or the sales girl, it doesn’t always have to be about finding someone to hookup with; most women aren’t looking for that sort of relationship up front anyway. Sorry to say mate, but without showing off some of that great confidence you once had, the chances of you being able to score doesn’t look promising.

Watch Out For Any Scam

Now, no one said finding the perfect hookup for you was going to be easy. What would be the fun in that? Where would be the thrill of the hunt? Or the pride of conquest? Even though you can find the person of your dreams on many of these affair websites, you always have to be wary that some of the people on these sites may be out to scam you. Being honest about what you’re looking for and going into the whole thing with eyes wide open is always the best way to go about the whole matter. If someone seems too good to be true, it may mean that you need to take a step back and evaluate them with your bigger head and be more honest with yourself. Is this woman being nice to me too quickly? Should I be giving her this much personal information about myself so soon? Does she really need to know where I do my banking and what my account balance is? (Just a warning mate – that last bit should wave the biggest red flag about someone, right?) Having the confidence you once had will go a long way to helping you find exactly the person you’re after.

Find Your Hookup

The main thing is to get out there and start smiling at people and getting positive feedback – even if it’s just someone smiling back at you. Start going to garage sales and other places where people have to be around each other in a semi-social environment. Making light conversation about the items you’re both looking at may be just the level of interaction you’ll need to start getting whatever mojo you once had, back. It’ll all add up to helping you find the confidence you once had so you can stop wasting your time on weekends.

And in the event that you just want to get out there and score, here are a few hookup sites that may have just the pointers for you to use. Good luck, brother.

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