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We all like to have fun on the internet, but it is not always the safest place to do so. There are literally hundreds of fake websites, online scams, fake profiles, and other dating scams that will take any opportunity that they can get to take advantage of you. This is an unfortunate reality, especially in the dating online world since most people who partake in it are looking for some love or some other type of human connection. Dating online can put you in a vulnerable position in a lot of different ways, and when a person is vulnerable it can really hurt to have someone else take advantage of that, particularly when it comes to online scams. Of course there are lots of legitimate websites and people out there, but when there is such a multitude of profiles and dating sites offering different temptations, it can be hard to pick through everything and figure out what is legitimate and what is fake. I have written this guide to help all of those who are interested in online dating avoid the fake websites and online scams. It can happen to any one of us, so it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid any potential harm. If you want to stay safe online and still have a good time, then this article was written for you.

How To Spot Fake Live Chatting Cam Websites

One scam that is quite prevalent in the online dating world, is fake online cam websites. This type of scam tries to lure guys and gals into buying memberships or giving tokens to fake cams. It may look like it is a real cam and that people are really chatting in the room, but the reality is that it could be a video loop or a very long video. Some of these can be very convincing, but others are much easier to spot. If you think that you may be on a fake webcam site, then it is important to watch for the loop tell. There is usually a point in a looping video where it is possible to see the point where it starts to repeat itself. Sometimes this can be covered up by a fake ‘offline’ or ‘connection lost’ moment, but if you notice that it starts over again at the same place or a recognizable spot, then you are probably watching a cleverly concealed video loop. Another tell tale sign of fake websites is no sound or an extreme amount of lag during the video stream. This is another method of trying to hide the fact that the ‘live cam’ is really just a never ending video loop. Of course, this method is not as common because it makes for a low standard video that not many people will be inclined to watch, but it is used nonetheless.

Online Scams Can Mean Fake Memberships

Another common online scam of fake websites, is an attempt to get people to sign up for memberships on sites that will either just take your money, or will barely function when you try to use it. Most sites will offer a free membership or trial version, which is perfectly normal, however sometimes this just used as a guise to push you towards putting money into the site. If you sign up for a free membership and it seems like you can’t do anything without it prompting you to buy a membership, this could be a sign that it is a fake website. Usually a free membership will still allow you to do some things on the website and at least start dating online in the most basic of senses. This can actually work to the advantage of a legitimate website as if it can demonstrate that it is a useful site, then people are more likely to sign up for a membership to take full advantage of all of the site’s functions. Another sign that site could be trying to trick you is if they do not offer a free membership, but promise that a paid membership can guarantee you sex with a beautiful woman. No site can truly promise this, and if they are, there is a good chance it is a fake website.

Although there are plenty of other scams and different methods of spotting them, this article should give you some sense of what is out there that may be trying to harm you. The most sound advice is to think critically about the websites that you are using, and always take precaution when possible.

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