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Learn How To Get Laid on Online Dating Sites

The best free classified sites can be hard to come by. For one, a lot of sites might seem free to start with, but then want to charge you something further down the line. Normally these things are free to sign up for, but once you find a women you like, suddenly it costs you to contact this women. Therefore, most of the really big dating sites online are not really free, even if they advertise as such. Choosing the right one form the rest is going to be a big decision.

Searching For The Correct Site

Like I said, the top free classified sites that come up in your search when you start looking to date online might not be as free as they originally advertise. Actually it is hard to find any completely free dating sites these days as the area is such big business (though I have listed the three top ones below). If you are going for free, your options are already limited, but you should still ask yourself important dating questions. What type of girl do you want, and where, and what kind of dating do you want? If you answer these questions honestly it can help you to narrow your search to only the sites that will really help you, and you will in a much better position straight out of the gate.

My Top Free Sites

Below I have listed three of the best free classified sites that I think are the best free sites available on the internet today. Hopefully you will be able to find more on your search, but from what I have heard, these sites do not disappoint.

plenty of fish logo

Plenty Of Fish is the biggest free dating site

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish is really considered the main free dating website on the internet. It was the first, or at least the first to be successful, and is still easily the most successful of such sites. The owner Marcus Friend has put together a great site that you do not have to pay for with a wide range of features, some of which you would struggle to find on a paid site. These features include large forums, with hundreds of users that allow you to chat freely with people about all and sundry. These can be great ways to meet people locally, even if not for dating. They have forums dedicated to the big areas like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and to somewhere in most states, so you can always find people to hang out with and chat to. They also have compatibility questionnaires, just like you find on all the big dating sites. In fact, Plenty of Fish makes you wonder why you would ever want to pay for online dating at all.


Datehookup is very popular for, er, hooking up


Any site with hook up in the name is probably going to be one of the best sex dating sites. Datehookup allows you to, well, hook up with people in your local area, basically at the push of a button. Boasting thousands of members it is an easy site to use, and an easy one to sign up for. More than that, it is free to sign up for, so you do not have to worry about throwing money down the drain if it doesn’t work out. But it should work out well, as Datehookup is a great site and there are countless success stories from it. I have heard from plenty of people who rate it as there number one go to site for simple sex online, a place where they can sign up, put there profile up and then just wait for replies, hooking up with women as they come along, or getting to know girls better and having plenty of friends with benefits around the area.

tinder logo

Tinder is a dating app


So Tinder isn’t quite a site as much as it is an app, but it is definitely the new thing in online and mobile dating. Tinder does away with the concept of profiles and such, at least to start with, in favor of what everyone wants – pictures. Tinder shows you pictures of other people who have signed up to the app, and you simply swipe them away, left if you are not interested, right if you are. You can then go through the profiles of the people you are interested in later and find out more about them. You can then use the apps messaging system to set up dates and to chat with them.The great thing about tinder is that it allows you to keep dating on the go, and also has some location based features, so you can see if there is anyone around you that you might like to get to know.Using these sites and apps for free is a great way to start dating online. In fact, these kind of things show that you do not have to pay through the nose for online dating and to find a partner, rather you can use these sites and apps to find someone at all times of the day, and entirely free.

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