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Are you new to the dating world? Are you reentering the dating world after a hiatus, no matter how long? Have you been dating forever but suck at it or are unhappy with the results? It can be hard for British men to know where to get help when they want to learn about dating. You definitely don’t want to tell your chums that you need help when it comes to dating, so we are going to explore some helpful online resources that you can use to prepare yourself or improve yourself when it comes to the wonderful world of dating.

casual sex 1Dating Blogs Can Help You Get Better At Dating

Dating Blogs

There are lots of dating blogs out there, and let’s be honest, you want to spend more time actually dating women than reading about dating women, so let’s focus on some things to look out for in a dating blog so that you can zero in on the one or ones that will help you get better at dating.

Dating In The UK

There are dating blogs written all over the world and it is not necessary to look for a blog written in Britain. You can find great tips written elsewhere, just keep an eye open for major cultural differences that may not be appropriate here in the UK. Some of the more important things to look out for before deciding if a dating blog is worth your time investment are if they have been around a while and have a lot of content. As you are perusing dating blogs, you are likely to notice a lot of redundant information, so when you do find blogs that stand out with different information than the rest, you know you are on the right track. You definitely want to look for blogs that address the type of dating you are looking for, be it casual dating, looking for a serious relationship, etc.

Dating Tips

Dating blogs offer all kinds of dating tips in many different forms, and can be found in different places. You can find dating writers on social media. Many bloggers work more like advice columnists where they answer questions asked by people online. Some bloggers have credentials like relationship therapists, and some are writers with an interest in the dating scene. Bloggers who write about their personal experiences while dating can be especially interesting, but it can be harder to find this from the male perspective than from the female (think Sex and the City). A blogger who really focuses on the male perspective (and is an Englishman to boot) is the author of He is a blogger of many subjects, with a great sense of humour and really great blogs about dating tips, pitfalls, and personal experiences. He also brings in guest bloggers from time to time to give different perspectives on a variety of topics. The blog is updated regularly which is certainly nice.

Get Better At Dating

So how can dating blogs help you get better at dating? The best thing about a good dating blog is that is covers a lot of different parts of dating. Maybe you need advice on how to create a great online dating profile. You can find tips on great gifts to give someone you’re dating, including appropriate times to give her a gift based on where you are in your relationship. Interested in dating older women? Learn some pros, cons, and even tips. Maybe you have the opportunity to explore a long distance relationship rather than breaking up with your girl. Want to hear success stories, failures, and everything in between? Find stories from people who have actually been there and see how you can apply what they learned to your situation.

Dating takes on so many forms not from apps, to online dating, to good old traditional asking a woman you meet out on a date. You can find a lot of blogs about apps like Tinder and how to make the best use of them based on what you are looking for. Maybe your dating life is going poorly because you are making common dating mistakes which you can also read all about. There is a lot of comic relief to be found reading about other people’s dating stories. There are a lot of bad dates, which results in a lot of funny blog posts about them. Even if you need advice on ending a relationship or avoiding someone you have dated, you can find personal experiences about these on online dating blogs. The dating world is always changing, so use someone else’s experiences as a way to prepare yourself to be an even better dater.

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