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Learn How To Get Laid on Online Dating Sites

If you are tired of being turned down it may not be about what you look like, or what you are lacking. The reason why you are striking out may be more about what you are doing wrong than anything about you. If you want to know how to score, you have to know what it is that you are looking for and how to get what you want. There are some adult dating tips (courtesy of Hookup Dating Guide)that will allow you to hop online and get whatever it is that you want from women. You have to know how to talk to them, how to entice them, and what it is that they are looking for. If you stick to these tips you won’t ever have to spend another night alone.

effort into getting sex

You have to put some effort into getting sex

Be creative

There are going to be hundreds of guys online who are vying for the same girl’s attention as you are. The one thing that you have over them is going to be the way that you approach them. Whether you are the most attractive guy, average, or below, it is going to be about your delivery. A girl isn’t like a guy. They aren’t set on just one type of “look”. They are willing to look past those guys who aren’t the hottest if they can be creative and approach them in the right way.


If you want to get her attention to give you a chance then you will want to compliment her. Girls love to be adored, and if you tell her what you like about her, she is more willing to give you a shot. Start by picking something about her and telling her how much you like it. You can’t be vague or say things that you can say to anyone. For instance, saying “you’re pretty”, is not going to be as effective as saying something that is personal to her and something that makes her stand out. If you notice that she has a beautiful smile say “you have a beautiful smile”. The more specific you can be about her traits specifically the better chance you have at attracting her to you.

Be funny

If you want her to feel at ease and give you a chance then being funny is your best tool. Girls love a guy who can make them laugh, even when they are finding someone for sex. Being light hearted and amusing will make her think that you are going to be fun to be with. Sex with a stranger can be uncomfortable sometimes. Girls are looking for guys who can make it less so. The more funny you can be the more you are likely to get her to engage in talk with her which will lead to the greet you desire.

to make her laugh

You have to be able to make her laugh!

Find a picture that has your best assets

If you want her to choose you it is really going to come down to your attractiveness. Pick a picture that shows your best assets. If you have been told that you have a handsome face, put those pictures that show it off on the website. If you have been told that you have amazing abs, put those on as well. You want to give girls a good shot of what is that you have to offer. Girls are like guys in the respect that looks are very important for sexual attractiveness. Use a picture that will turn her on if you want her to choose you.

Don’t ever disappear during a chat

There is one thing that dries women crazy and not in a good way. If you are having a conversation with a girl online don’t just take off and not say something like “I have to go”. It is infuriating to a woman when she feels so insignificant that you didn’t take the time to just tell her that you were done with the conversation. That leaves her feeling stupid. A woman wants to think that you are into her which means that no one else exists. Be in a conversation if you are in it, and give her your undivided attention until the conversation is over.

Ask her about her

Women like when you pretend to be interested in her. If you are that is great, if you aren’t pretend. Even if you are online looking for someone to sleep with and nothing more, you have to get to the point where she even wants to meet up with you. If you want her to want to meet you, you have to ask her questions about her, and what it is that she likes. It really isn’t that hard to feign interest in her. Chances are that the conversation with be very surface considering you aren’t setting out on a courtship, but you still have to act like you care what she has to say. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Let her feel in charge

Before you go and make all the plans about where to meet and what to do, make sure that she feels like she has some control. If she thinks that you are being aggressive, or controlling she will not want to meet up with you. Ask her first what she would feel comfortable with instead of just assuming you know what she is all about. She may have a thing against bars, or low-lit places. Making her comfortable is a key to getting her to follow through to meet up with you. If she feels threatened in anyway, there are hundreds of other guys who are more than willing to take your place. Let her guide the meet and if it seems like she wants you to make the plans and take control, certainly do so. It is all about being and doing what she wants. Women like to feel like they are being listened to, so make sure that you are listening.

pretend to care

Pretend to care about her

Finding someone online is simpler than ever before, but you have to know how to act, how best to put her at ease, and how to make her find you irresistable, if you want her to follow through to the sex part.

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